Thank you all for all this digital love!

I just want to take a moment to thank all of you beautiful and kickass people out there who have liked, reblogged, and commented on my puffy face response. Your kind thoughts and words and revelations mean the world to me.

This story, after all, still hurts to talk about — I’m even wincing right now as I write this — because the experience was so degrading, so upsetting, so mean-spirited. I consider myself a strong woman — birthed and nurtured by one and surrounded by many others — but it’s amazing how quickly your confidence can waver when an individual lessens you to an object, a shape, a thing. Often in the face of such antagonists, I have been at a loss for words, because this is the sort of stuff that leaves you speechless. But I’m appreciative the words clicked this time. This is word vomit I can get behind!

Also: you have my full permission — and utmost support — to add my puffy face words to your own argumentative arsenal. I think part of the reason so many jerks get away with what they do is because no one has ever called them out on it. Well, it’s our turn to call them out on their crap. Or at least get a conversation going about why some people are getting away with saying the most sexist, racist, and ageist crap — because it is embedded so deeply in our history, our culture, and it is being inherited and promoted and taught at a frightening speed.

So thank you to Ashley Judd for being so kickass and brave and smart and RIGHT ON for inspiring this puffy-face campaign, and to Newsweek and The Daily Beast for spreading the good news and for getting this chick to open up about things, and, ultimately, help her learn to embrace herself.

If you haven’t done so already, please share your own PUFFYFACEMOMENT (using the hashtag #puffyfacemoment) and let’s all support one another, and bask in each other’s brave beauty. 

I love you all. Thanks again.

xoxoxoxo Chrissy